roguepuppet (roguepuppet) wrote,

I proclaim the experiment a Failure...

In playing with new technologies, sometimes you find things you like and sometimes things are just not right.
Using LoudTwitter to send a summary feed of Tweets directly to my LJ seemed like an interesting concept, so I tried it out. And I do not like it. I am really finding that the expositional style of of normal LJ friend posts and the code/shorthand of a summary of Twitters clash in a way that makes it uncomfortable. Not just in my journal, but in other folks as well.
Now, do not get me wrong. Twitter as a tool is VERY useful and I have managed to use it in some strange situations and meet interesting people that way. I have met more people face to face who I met first on Twitter than I have on any other social networking tool.
But Twitter on LJ? I say no way.

Thus, I have stopped my Twitter feeds here. The one earlier today was the last, as far as i am concerned. 

I know that a few people have been using the Blog links burried in the Twitter feed to get to my normal blog posts. This is the painful way to get there. If you are still interested in reading what I think/see/experience in a more expositional style, just add rpfeed to our flist. This is the syndication of of my blogspot blog here on LJ.  I will continue to have Vox forward music review posts here as long as I continue to have my music review blog on Vox.

Hope to continue the discussion with all of you in full sentences soon.

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