roguepuppet (roguepuppet) wrote,


  • 11:17 there seems to be a small alien crawling through my intestines.... #
  • 12:08 I love how much easier memory upgrades are these days than say 20 years ago. Now I just need an easy memory upgrade for me.. #
  • 12:08 off to do the first laptop conversion to Ubuntu #
  • 14:44 New Blog Post: Geek Weekend: Part 1: The weekend actually got an early start, because D.. #
  • 14:44 New Blog Post: Geek Weekend: part 2: Part two is short, sweet and simple. A memory upgr.. #
  • 17:44 New Blog Post: Geek Weenend: Part 3: Ubuntu 7.10 install on Inspiron 5600 with new lapt.. #
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