roguepuppet (roguepuppet) wrote,


  • 01:44 New Blog Post: I told you once was not enough: Early this week, in preparation for the .. #
  • 06:19 the news where I live: #
  • 07:53 we have stupid criminals who make the news. But it is NOT news that they made the national news.....please stop reporting it #
  • 11:02 at the endocrinologist #
  • 15:51 so nice to have enough memory in the system that it is not continually paging....yay. I work this baby hard. #
  • 15:52 Have to decide if I am upgrading video card tonight or witing until weekend. One computer down would be nice... #
  • 19:08 just did a reboot after installing new card and drivers....drumroll.... #
  • 19:30 Oh time to push it hard through its paces, but this will so work... #
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